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Posted on: 1 July 2014

December 2013
Press Release

Place in the Sun, part of the Cape Legends stable of fine wines, has added an unwooded Chardonnay to its Fairtrade portfolio of quality, easy-drinking wines.
The 2013 Place in the Sun Chardonnay (Unwooded) is the first of its kind to be made at the cellar. The vineyard blocks that supplied the grapes are however, intimately known to the team, says cellarmaster Deon Boshoff.

“We’ve wanted to make a wine from these grapes for some time, but never had the opportunity until now.”All the grapes supplied for Place in the Sun wines hail from two adjoining farms in the Devon Valley, famed for its diversity of terroir and quality of fruit. The wines are accredited with the Fairtrade organisation, which uses proceeds of sales to improve the lives of farm workers and ensures they too share a “Place in the Sun” as the wines thrive.

“For this range, we were restricted to three blocks where we usually have 20 or 30 blocks at our disposal to choose from. Having received the grapes in past years, we knew what to expect and this helped us achieve the appropriate style. We knew exactly when to harvest and which portions to utilise in bringing out desired flavour characteristics.”

In the vineyards, the grapes were exposed to ideal, cool weather. During ripening, mild and steady conditions prevailed and ensured a premium crop. As with the entire range, all grapes were hand-harvested.

The result is a balanced wine with prominent fruit that displays characteristics typical of the variety – slight notes of citrus and lime. “The climate in this particular area of Devon Valley also helped to accentuate riper flavours in the wine, such as tropical stone fruit,” says Boshoff, who is also responsible for the renowned Zonnebloem range of fine wines. “When chilled, the 2013 Place in the Sun Chardonnay (unwooded) becomes slightly more citrus-driven.

“Ultimately, it’s a wine we’re proud of and which we know will do well as part of the range.”

Wines available under the Place in the Sun label, together with the new unwooded Chardonnay, include a big-hearted Cabernet Sauvignon; a full-bodied Shiraz; a delectable Merlot; and, a bracing Sauvignon blanc. All the wines are bottled in screwcap, for added convenience.

The 2013 Place in the Sun Chardonnay (Unwooded) can be purchased at leading retailers and fine wine stores. RSP: R36. @PlaceintheSunSA. #seethebrighterside.

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